Who Screwed Up “Year-in Review”? FB or You?

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Enough already!

We have all heard your horror story about how awful Facebook was to included photos of your deceased loved one, your hated ex spouse and that rear end collision that totaled your new BMW.


While it’s true that Facebook’s “Year-in Review” algorithm for choosing the images wasn’t very sensitive, the only thing that Facebook did wrong was assume that you, the Facebook user, would be smart enough to know how to edit out the bad memories and replace them good ones.

Yes, Facebook should have known that this could happen and put the proper checkpoints in place to see that it didn’t. But shouldn’t you bare some of the responsibility?

For one, you didn’t have to post your “Year-in Review”. You could have deleted it after the preview.  Or maybe you shouldn’t have been in such a hurry to be the first of your friends to post and instead, taken a moment to discovered how to edit your “Year-in Review” with just a few clicks.

You wouldn’t have 140 of your friends over and pull out an unedited photo album  from last year, would you?  So why would you on Facebook?

What do you think? Is my head in the sand? Is Facebook is totally responsible? Or should you, the Facebook user, bare some of the responsibility?

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